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Not the typical beast to be associated with the Mesozoic Era. He is purple and fluffy and I doubt that he hunts for food like the ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex we all encountered in the 1993 hit movie by Stephen Spielberg, Jurassic Park.

Form his debut in April 1992 he has become a bit of a luminary to many households.

Yes, I am referring to Barney of course.

Love him or hate him this anthropomorphic dinosaur has inspired and shaped young (and old) with his catchy sing-a-longs-who doesn’t love the good old “I love you, you love me” closing song? He comes to life through the children’s imagination and each episode highlights important childhood concepts and how to deal with those specific concepts. It’s built around a theme such as learning to count, identifying colours or shapes, or making friends. The concepts within each episode are repeated in various ways to reinforce understanding for young children. Aimed at ages 1 through to 8, this show has become one of the essential building blocks of your child’s education.

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